Monday, October 25, 2010

Everyday I don't write the book

I started this blog as a place to record my reflections on our life in the middle east. But I also wanted to use it as a vehicle to work my writing muscle. I wonder then, why -- when daily I am bombarded with new and notable experiences -- I don't write everyday. Is it laziness, lack of discipline, self censorship? I'm interested in finding out how people out there are keeping their momentum.

Talk to me.


Anonymous said...

Could it be because you're in Doha?

Voracious, T said...

I *mean* to write every day. I really do. And most days I even have the whole post mapped out in my head - but it never makes it to the screen because there's so much more crap to do. I've written the first chapter of
"my book" three times - but from my blog, you'd never guess that it's supposed to be a writing exercise!

Anonymous said...

On my blog (, I make a point of putting up a new post once a week. It forces me to do exactly that - exercise my writing muscle. And while frequently, my posts are child-centric, at least I'm writing something.

Cairomaniac said...

Thanks Rebecca that's great inspiration! How are you? I'l check out your blog and let's stay in touch :)