Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everyone thinks we're crazy

We miss Cairo.

A lot.

So much so that we've changed our tickets (at some expense and inconvenience) to return 2 (count em: TWO) weeks early.

That's right. And I can't wait. Ah, to chew, er, I mean, breathe that air (ironically, my asthma is 10 times worse here in north america than it ever was in Cairo) and be in the middle of all the bustle and noise. I can't wait. To have my baker, butcher, vegetable guy greet me, ask me how I am and wish me a good day. To see the sun twinkling on the Nile, feel the intense sunshine and smell the lush Indian jasmine that grows in the roundabout in front of our flat.

I have loved being home and especially spending time with family, so it's obviously bitter sweet to be returning. But the great thing is this: I consider Cairo home at the moment and I love it. Even after visiting NYC, a city I absolutely love, I still want to go back to Cairo. Even after visiting London, a place I always imagined I would settle, I still want to go back to Cairo. Even after being spoiled by all of north america's conveniences like drive-through banks, modern plumbing and coffee choices and instant everything....I still want to go back to Cairo.

Maybe everyone is right. Maybe I am crazy.

Crazy like a fox.