Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cannot stop watching

The Chilean miners' rescue. 14 rescued and counting.

Each reunion of miner with loved ones (wives/ children/ parents) live on TV chokes me up. Number 15 just rescued as I write this. What I would give to be the one editing their inevitable memoire. 69 days underground with your co-workers. No light, no food or water, scarce air and little hope of rescue. What would any of us do? I cannot even begin to imagine their joy today as they are reunited with family, friends and the world above ground. Just incredible.

Ok, gotta get back to the live coverage. Latest live-TV wow-factor: a capsule-cam showing the POV rising out of the rescue shaft. No reality TV in recent memory can hold a candle to the drama of the images and stories presented on my flatscreen today.


saira said...

film deal is in the works already - apparently javier bardem has been tagged to play one of the miners...

Cairomaniac said...

I guess it was inevitable -- honestly, there was just so much drama in that story. I can't wait to see the movie and find out more.