Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Misr: Anna Maa'ek

As events unfold in Egypt, I find it difficult to concentrate on anything else.

The country that was my home for over 3 years is erupting into a peoples' revolution. I watch with disbelief as tanks roll down streets we used to walk along and watch as buildings I know very well burn. The bridges into the city that were meeting places for lovers and friends are now flooded with people headed to Tahrir square to voice their discontent with the state of their country.

My heart is with you, Egypt. I feel helpless sitting here so far away, unable to do much more than watch the coverage and call when the lines open. I am proud of my friends who have been leading protests and who have been in the streets through the night protecting their families. I am proud of those who have been providing food and water and cleaning up the square.

I am so emotional and find myself on the brink of tears often as I watch. I am torn between my intense pride at their ferocious bravery and my selfish concern for their safety. Here is a link to a video of my dear friend, caught on YouTube. Of almost two million people in Tahrir, they found her:


Now the President has come on TV saying he will die on Egyptian soil before he leaves. I fear for what might happen next.

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