Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Eid was awesome and the city was quieter than I had ever seen it. Still, it was the city. And now that most people are back from their holidays and the roads are busy and smoggy again, it's time for a little escape.

We're off to Dahab in the South Sinai. Dahab is a little fishing village on the Red Sea and you can walk from one end of town to the other in less than 45 minutes (and that's taking your time). The water is shallow and warm, the village is quiet and laid back.

The main dive shop has a little Cafe on the water and (get this) a south Indian chef! Ah, Nirvana -- both the name of the Cafe and the state you reach when you are lounging on a comfy chaise, looking out onto the twinkly waters of the red sea, drinking a cool and fruity fresh juice and eating aloo parathas chased by a spicy masala chai.


Voracious, T said...

SO JEALOUS! I miss Dahab - although I can't believe you guys don't dive while you're there! Have a milkshake for me!

Amreen said...

Sounds absolutely divine, CM. Esp the South Indian chef! What a bonus. wish i was there lounging with you, feelin' those Red Sea breezes. Instead, I'm here listening to the rain crash down on a cold October evening. Drink some chai for me!