Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maybe I should get out more

My brother is a doctor and he calls this morning on his way to work to have a chat. I make small talk for a few minutes and then we have the following exchange:

Me: "Yeah, so I'm having this strange back pain."

I can just hear him rolling his eyes

Brother: "Uh huh..."

Me:"No really, it's in my lower back, it burns and it's weird and well...I think it's my kidneys."

My brother laughs out loud and puts on his best Arnold Schwartzeneggar accent: "Is it a tuuu-mah?"

Me: "Be serious! I could be having kidney failure!"

Brother: "You are not having kidney failure."

Me: "How do you know?"

Brother: "Tell me where you are having the pain."

So I tell him.

Brother: "Yeah, your kidneys are no where near there. You probably just pulled a muscle. Been lifting anything heavy, sleep funny?"

Jeez. What's the point in having a doctor in the family if he won't take me seriously? Pulled muscle - ha! It's my kidneys...I can feel it. Maybe mine are positioned lower in the body than other people. It's possible.


Akhtar Gheewala said...

it's a tuuu-mah....

Karen Volterra said...

Try having a lawyer in the family! He never gives you a short answer.

Seriously though - about time you updated!!! I love hearing about Cairo.

And call when you get to the T-dot!

Cairomaniac said...

Will be there in 2 weeks -- can you email me your cell number off line so that we can plan to meet up? Can't wait to see you and catch up! xoxoxox

TareX said...

Yeah I do that with my mom and sister all the time. This is why doctors shouldn't treat relatives.