Monday, October 20, 2008


We have discovered a really great Korean restaurant on the road just behind our place.

It's the kind of spot you know you can go for a good meal after a hard day at work when you don't want to cook. Or when you fancy something delicious and reliable and don't want to think too hard about where to go. It is close and it is cheap and we go there a lot. The beef bulgogi is to die for and I highly recommend the glass noodles with chicken. My husband is rather addicted to their seafood pancake. Mmmm mmm.

So when you find a place like this, you want to hold on to it, right? Don't want to mess it up. Avoid rocking the boat and just appreciate your good fortune. Maybe it's the Canadian in me, but when I have a good thing going I like to keep my head down and enjoy it.

Is that so wrong?

My husband, of course, doesn't always share my philosophy.

The other night, he wanted to know what the big deal would be if he wore this t-shirt to our beloved Korean restaurant:

I ask: Why can't we just enjoy the bibimbap and kimchee?


farzina said...

are you talking about Hana BBQ? i love that place!!!!

Cairo Typ0 said...

Good korean food in Cairo?! Where?!! I could do with some japchae and kimchi!

Cairomaniac said...

It's called GAYA and it's on Road 218, just across from the Duty Free shop. I'm going there tonight - glass noodles and bulgogi, watch out!