Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yes Saturday -- Revised Rant

So it is Saturday. YK and I went to the Mogamma this morning to finish my visa business.

I want to make sure that I did not give the impression that the Mogamma is inefficient. Because it is remarkable really that they manage to get so much done. The sheer volume of traffic in and out is astounding. Most of the work is done by hand, with paper forms (ie: gasp! no computers) and somehow, they manage to keep track of everything.

When I went back today every person I had dealt with a few days ago remembered my face, smiled and bid me salaam and a good morning. I did get shunted to a few different windows, but it was painless and quick. After scribbling on all my documents, they politely asked us (yk came with me this morning to watch the show. I think he was disappointed that it wasn't more of a zoo) to come back in an hour. So we meandered over to the Nile Hilton, had a croissant and a coffee and did some shopping. Upon our return, the nice lady at counter 42 asked me to pay the stamping fee (a mere LE3 and 50piasters) and I emerged into the bright Saturday afternoon sunshine with my residency visa neatly pasted into my new passport.

Expenses in all:

5 photo copies-- LE2
2 turkish coffees -- LE5
1 new visa -- LE3.5

I know, I know, it's over done, but I cannot resist....

Experiencing the Mogamma: priceless


Karen Volterra said...

Sounds like when Rob had to get his visa in Paris.

Cairomaniac said...

Actually, when I was getting my visas in paris (I had Rob and Rod both on speed dial) it was far more scary than the Mogamma! I remember sitting in that crazy immigration hall with the whole world sweating and waiting, gazing at the recruitment signs for the french foreign legion...ah, good times :-)