Thursday, December 27, 2007

Presidents and Supermodels, oh my

French President Nicolas Sarkozy decided to take his new girlfriend and nine of their "closest friends and family" to Luxor this Christmas.

Friends had told us Luxor and Aswan would be teaming with tourists at this time and next to impossible to see the sites. So we decided to put a Nile cruise on hold.

Turns out that we made the right decision.

It has been the perfect time to play tourist in Cairo. The city is uncharacteristically quiet and many tourist attractions are virtually empty. All eyes are on the hourly newscasts showing Sarkozy and his girlfriend canoodling on the banks of the River Nile. Their 26-car motorcade visited the temples of Karnak the other day.

Boy, am I glad we dodged that circus.

After a tiring day of site seeing around Cairo, it's been fun coming back to our beautiful flat in Zamalek to watch eurotrash, heads of state and celebrities alike flying into our backyard on the evening news. I think after Sarkozy leaves, Tony Blair is flying in. Wonder who is going to be next?

The photo to is courtesy of the Luxor Information Office and AFP. Click here for the Yahoo story and more photos.

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